24 Jun

A Window And Door Designs For Eco Friendly Homes

Today the stress is on saving energy and making homes eco friendly. That means reducing the need for using electricity by increasing usage of natural light and air. For these reasons, many construction contractors and archiectes are redesigning or taking a fresh look at the options available from homes and buildings that were in vogue in the older decades. At a time when electricity was a novelty and air conditioning was a thing of the future, the homes and buildings were built to increase flow of air and light through rooms and ways to regulate the same as per varying weather conditions.

A unique design aspect

One design aspect that is coming back in architectural designs these days is the use of louvre. If you thought that louvers have existed before, you are right. These allow one to regulate the amount of air, light or water can enter your rooms. The same design aspect is coming back in vogue as the focus is in the use of natural air and light for homes to substitute the dependence on electricity to a great extent. Many vendors nowadays offer different window and door designs like external aluminium louvres in Brisbane.

How they work?

If you have external aluminium louvres used on your doors and windows, these will have movable slats or blades in place of a fixed pane. As a result, you can get more exposure to the external atmosphere through these openings. You can regulate the amount of opening you want through control of the blades. You can seal them tight when storms are raging outside or increase the openings to allow external air to come in more on a breezy day.

Impact on your home

This is a crucial design aspect for your home windows and doors that can help create a difference in your energy usage. Instead of cranking up the fan or air conditioning during summer months, make use of the occasional night or evening breeze by opening up the windows or doors or cranking up the louvres. That will help to reduce energy usage and reduce your energy bills as well.

Get design options

The modern louvre based door and window designs look great. You would have aesthetically pleasing options for your home. Take a look at online catalogs today to understand the choices they offer in terms of frames, blades and operational styles. You can then call in the experts to get the right louvres fitted for your home. At the time of interior designing for your home you could ask for options in window and door panels and speak to the designer to understand how you can make these openings help reduce energy usage in your home.