04 May

Best New Age Technology For Bathroom Time

Usually the bathroom is like a safe haven for most of us. We tend to think about all the worldly problems while taking a shower and then decide on the menu for the following day while brushing teeth and such. People do not think much about decorating the bathroom or even adding some new technological gadgets to save time and add more to your convenience. Recently, in the era of inventing new gadgets at every minute has taken a peek into the needs of the bathroom as well.

Crosswater digital duo

If you are tired of turning on taps and then switching all buttons to get the shower to turn into a bath and then wait hours while always checking the water level, then this is for you. This two way control system can be controlled using your phone, and it can switch back and forth between being a shower and a bath. There is an app that comes with the purchase that allows you to control details like temperature, flow and water level of the shower and bath. There is also the facility of a built in memory and can create profiles for users up to three people. The app is compatible with Apple phones only so far, and if you have WiFi connection then you can access it from anywhere. As an example if you are working hard at cooking and you end up sweating, you can just turn on the bath to fit into the time you finish cooking and then just jump right in when done with making food. If you are not a fan of phone apps then you can use the remote control device as well. If you are getting custom built homes, then ask them to install this for you.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

This awesome showerhead is made for those who fancy themselves a Whitney Houston or a Aerosmith member in the shower. It comes built in with a wireless speaker that you can connect your other portable devices into using Bluetooth technology. There are different options for getting this technology into your shower. You can buy the Moxie brand showerhead itself with the speaker or just go for the wireless device separately. You can even separate the speaker from the showerhead if you want to take it somewhere else (no it does not look weird on its own). The speaker comes with a seven hour charge rechargeable battery and there are five different color options to choose from to suit your bathroom theme. This is another great addition for custom built homes Brisbane.

There are other great inventions suited for the bathroom like a WiFi scale which analyses all your body measurements, a cyber mirror to replace your regular bathroom mirror which also works as a TV and internet portal and the toilet which can adjust to your preferences like heat, height, self-cleaning and adjustable water preferences.