07 Mar

Going Green With Your Kitchen

When you see your government going so gaga about making the surrounding green, it becomes tentative that some nature love may emerge inside you as well. Moreover, with the increased expense of energy, no wonder why people tend to move on going green bandwagon. The entire setting up may be costly initially, but, in the long run, it would curtail down the price.

An array of options available
There are a variety of themes that have come up to enhance your saving. Some of the features that an eco friendly kitchen may be sufficed with:
•    Low-Flow Fixtures.
•    Bamboo Fixing.
•    Recycling Bins.
•    LED Under Cabinet Lightening.
•    Recycled glass counterparts.
•    Energy Star rated appliances.

Saving the run-off
A Low-Flow Fixture is an interesting feature to regulate water supplies. This can be attached to the sink and can even be used in the washrooms. This helps to preserve water conserving energy.

Being a bit forest like
Bamboo Flooring would help in costing you less and also this would end up using wood which means you are saving a few trees from being cut. Eventually, bamboos are fast growing and longing as well.

Separating the garbage bag
Recycling Bins are the ones that become a must in this type of kitchen. Separate dustbins for separate waste materials would add on to your kitchen design as well as save the mother earth.

Replacing illuminators with LED lights
Kitchens are always illuminated with bright light. It is the place where you light your lamps for the maximum amount of time. But, switching into LED cabinet lights would allow you to light your countertops and cabinets equally bright and would also allow you to save an ample amount of energy.

A glassy top
An alternative to granite and marble is the Recycled Glass Countertops used in latest cottage style kitchens. This is made up of recycled glass and mortar. The glass particles are sanded down once the mixture hardens and finally preventing dangerous pieces from coming loose. It is available in a wide variety of colors and also gives a trendy look. This can, in fact, add on to the glaze of your kitchen.

Popping in with energy savers
This is a final touch that you can give to make your theme successful. Replacing your old energy hopping devices with new Energy Star rated appliances. Initially, this may pinch your pocket, but in the long run, this will be recuperated through the savings and energy conservation.

Concluding with a green patch
You can also add on to a small green pasture inside your eco friendly kitchen. Some indoor plants, which can be manured with tea leaves or starch adding your kitchen with fresh oxygen. This can give a new look and make it trendy. However, this might not sound too much trendy or thematic in accordance with the other thematic representation of the available kitchen decors.