23 Mar

Maintain Your Pool To Use It In A Better Way


Having a pool is a very exciting thing but it is also very hazardous as it needs maintenance regularly. A well-maintained pool will not only help you to use it in a better way, but will also increase the resale value of your home, if you have any plan to sell it in the near future.
You can consult with a pool professional or pool safety inspectors for best suggestions. These professionals are the best persons to check safety issues of a pool and advice on its maintenance. But if you want to do it yourself, then here are some tips for you.
Acidity must be measured and you can use alkalinity test; this test will tell you that the pool water is able to neutralize the acid naturally. And this is related to the pH level also, if alkalinity will be higher then, the pH level will also be higher and the pool’s water would not be useable. The pH level should be in the range from 0 to 14, neutral pH level is 7.
Pool’s water should be test after certain time period and in this time other safety functions should also be checked. Check the pH level at least once in a week but professionals would suggest twice a week. If needed, you can hire pool safety inspectors for the job. And make the testing chart with these things along with pH such as alkalinity, chlorine, cyanuric acid and calcium hardness. The totally dissolved solid should be checked at least one time in a month. MB Pool Safety Inspections ensure that your pool can get a safety certificate through trusted pool saftey inspectors. 
You can buy testing strips from the local hardware store and that strip will do the entire test for you; different tests would not be needed. Dip the test strip into the pool water for some seconds and wait for the colors changing. Read the strip packet instructions carefully and follow that instruction for matching with your wet strip because different manufacturers have different instructions.
You have to apply chemicals into the pool water to make the water clean and healthy and this is the part of the pool maintenance. You can easily get the chemicals such as chlorine, shocking products, at the local pool store. Bur read the instructions carefully before applying those products into the pool water.
If you have time then clean your pool daily with brushes, cleaners and debris catching nets to clean the surface area of the pool. Fallen tree leaves are a very common problem into the pool’s water.
Maintaining the water level is important because pool skimmer works better if the water level is up to ½ or 1/3 and it attracts the small leaves and other fallen things into the pool. You need to pour water regularly because vacuum is a natural thing so to maintain the water level you have to do it. Pool filters should be also be cleaned, and you should make it a routine