02 Jun

Make Your Small Kitchen Stylish And Functional

All houses do not possess large kitchen and especially in small apartments there is no scope of big kitchen. The end result is we have to be satisfied with a small kitchen. But there are many ways to make your small kitchen look beautiful and functional. You have to be little more creative and decorate it properly. Here are some tips to make your small kitchen stylish and functional as well.

Aim high:

If you do not have to install a great island table, use the walls of your kitchen. Have you seen kitchen splashbacks? These will transform the walls of your kitchen offering a classy look. Walls are high and you will get enough space to mount appliances and drawers, which will increase the storage space for your kitchen. Install more cabinet at your eye level, use the ceiling to hang things, make shelves to keep kitchen items. This will look beautiful and you can easily get them within your hands. But do not make shelves or cabinet too high, else you cannot reach them and you have to use a ladder. And it is really hard to place a ladder in that small kitchen. So, instead of using one wall fully use the four walls equally that you can easily reach them when you need things.

Lighten up:

Use lighter colored paint on the walls and make cabinets in wall shelves and paint them too in light color. Open the window to get the maximum natural light which will brighten up the space so get a proper plan about window treatment. Using kitchen splashbacks in Dandenong will definitely add color and life to your dull looking kitchen.

Straight and narrow:

Narrow space means you cannot stand or pass two people together. So, it will be the best to design it streamline along one wall, this will make a great design impact and user accessibility.

Get organised and stay that way:

Organising things is very important because you have a small space and you have to work there. So, if it gets messy and disorganised, you cannot work freely. Clean and tidy kitchen is the best idea one can have and this will give you more space within a small space.

Try to keep chairs mostly armless:

If you have a small kitchen with a table, then buy armless chairs because it will take small place and you can push them under the table. You can also install an island bench instead of some small chairs because it will make space.

Open it up:

Do not make that small kitchen packed with too many cabinets. Instead of that use open shelves; this will make the look that there is more space than the actual.