16 Jun

Smart Renovation Tips To Revamp Your Home

Wear and tear is a part and parcel of life and guaranteed to happen over the course of time, whether it’s your body or your house. Bodily wear and tears are immediately addressed. On the other hand, we tend to ignore or put house repairs and renovation off till the damages have scaled up in severity. The wear and tear of the house deserves equal attention and faster solutions if possible.

The question of budget arises when considering renovation of the house, whether a small apartment or a big cottage. Rarely does a renovation job get done in the budget you have fixed as a lot of unexpected expenses arise and the costs scale up. A few smart renovation tips can be kept in mind while initiating the job so as to keep the expenses within limits.

To start with list down all the areas in the house that you plan to give a new lease of life to, whether it is the kitchen, living room, closet and flooring or panelling. Then, attempt only those jobs yourself that you are truly confident about and can do it otherwise ‘do-it-yourself’ jobs can often go downhill and escalate to a big job. Third, consider smart and budget friendly alternatives to the items or areas you wish to renovate. For example, if you plan to change the present wooden flooring, you could opt for cheap bamboo flooring. The advantages of using bamboo floor, apart from the cost factor, are many. This floor is ecologically friendly, easy to maintain and durable.

Smart hacks can be used for minor renovations. But for light fittings, panelling, flooring and other major remodelling work it is best to hire professionals. When you are changing your floor and installing cheap bamboo flooring, it is better to hire the right professionals.

Another smart renovation tip is to change the colour of the door, window panels or upholstery instead of painting the whole room. This will automatically brighten the room without being a burden on the pocket. Similarly instead of changing entire cabinets in the kitchen, painting them will change the look of the kitchen. On the same note, adding paintings and giving a personal touch in the form of photographs or adding a rack can change the look of a room too. Racks till the ceiling in closets make additional storage space and using baskets and bins aesthetically improve the look too. Artifacts from the past such as watering cans and tin utensils can be painted and put on a rack against a white background in the kitchen to give the space a new look.