14 Jul

Three Most Common Innkeeper Disasters

Being an innkeeper is not the world’s easiest job. If fact, catering to whims of others while maintaining an inn can be one of the most difficult jobs out there in the world. It is job that tests a person’s patience and perseverance countless times. This is why only certain people are cut out to be innkeepers. These people thrive while catering to the needs of others and maintaining an inn. So if you have been given an inn to look after, the good news is that you possess these skills to be a successful innkeeper. However, these skills may take several years to be polished and perfected.

Innkeeping is, as mentioned above, a demanding job. There are multiple things to look after and keep track of while dealing with those crisis that pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Here are some of the most common innkeeper disasters and how you can avoid them.

Staff problems

Any organization is as good as the people who work in it. As such, the same principle applies to inns as well. The better the people working for you are, the easier it will be for you to manage the inn. The bad thing however is that it is not always possible to have good people working for you. Sometimes due to various constraints, you will have to simply settle for the average. This can, in the long run, lead to disasters. For example, if you have an incompetent person doing the dishes, you would almost, always have clogged pipes or overflowing sinks, which is not the best thing to happen to an inn. At such a time it is always best to have an emergency plumber on standby. In fact, it is wise to have an entire emergency bench in case if any of your staff quits, falls sick or is simply incompetent.


Cleaning is another issue that one should look into seriously as in innkeeper. It is an area where you can actually get into trouble with the law. One of the most common disasters that innkeepers face is an inn that is not clean and this being pointed out by none other than your customers. This is an extremely bad situation and requires you to act quite fast. Here too your good plumber in Tuggeranong, air condition technician and cleaning service play a great role. Even if you know that you staff has attended to cleaning, make sure that you make your rounds at regular intervals.

Unaccommodating guests

Unaccommodating guests are another issue that most innkeepers face regularly. Not only does this affect the innkeeper, but also the other guests as well. It is always best be firm and, if worst comes to worst, be able to show them the door.