06 May

Warning Signs To Determine If A Contractor Is Good Or Bad

These days it’s not t6hat that difficult to find a contractor for jobs like house expiations, modifications plumbing or installing of A/C units etc. But what’s really difficult of figuring out the good and the bad out of the pool of available contractors out there. So here are a few tips that may help you to determine between them. Visit this link http://www.htcontractorsgeelong.com.au/services/plumbing-gas/plumbing/ for more details on plumbing in Geelong.

The important documents

Well this is regarding the most obvious red flag that you should pay attention to which are all types of important contracts that should be included in the service you are paying for. For example if you are looking to hire for air conditioning service Geelong then make sure that they have the proper license to be offering this kind of service and that it is company that is recognized lawfully and they should also have other documents that a good contract will have be in regard to payment recognition, warranties and maintenance service agreement document. According to the type of service or product you purchase form them these documents will vary therefore you need to make sure that everything is in place before giving them the job. If the contractor says things like “there is no need for contracts”, “we can trust each other” or “I’ll give the payment receipt later” then you need to be careful.


The contractor’s policies regarding your payments is usually a good way to determine the good from the bad. If the contract demands that either the whole payment or the majority of the payment has to be paid upfront then you carefully looking to their credentials before making the payment. Some start of with a low price but then start to increase the price as the work progress or say that the price has changed after the work is done. This is a main reason to why payment invoices and receipts and service agreement contracts are very important.

Supervision and outsourced contractors

Most of these companies usually have a large employee base and these employees get assigned to the various jobs. So if the work you have require a team then make sur4e that this team is supervised at all time. There has to someone in charge and it has to be someone who has experience in the kind of work or service you need to get done. For example if you are searching air conditioning service in Geelong then you need to check beforehand about the team that will be coming to your home and when the team does arrive for the job then the first thing to do is to talk to who is in charge that way you will know whom to contact if something goes wrong. Also most companies like this have other outsourced employees working for them, Therefore you need to check about who will actually be coming to do the job. If it is an outsourced party then you many need to find out about them as well.

Remember that juts because they claim to be professional it does necessarily make them professionals. So look into all these details and get past customer reviews. It will always help you to see who should be red flagged and who is a good choice.