13 Jun

Factors To Be Considered When Building A Hotel

The plan or vision to open up a hotel is a bold and risky entrepreneurial move, especially due to the vast amount of resources required for a project such as this. We have many successful hotel chains providing yeomen service in our countries, as well as global hotel chains, expanding over the continents and providing massive competition to the hotels already operating in the country. The other major difficulty in running a hotel successfully is the fact that hiring the right staff is difficult, as customer service is probably the most important thing in the hospitality industry. In addition to this, building up a customer base is another challenge, and it is crucial to build a customer base soon as if not, the hotel would face severe and massive losses as a result of the initial start up cost. The initial challenge however, is the management of resources and the building of the hotel itself. The ease with which the building takes place depends on the size of the hotel.

The first step in the building process, after, of course, all the resources are allocated and reserved, is obtaining planning permission. An entrepreneur, or a business involved in leisure, must first obtain planning permission from the government of that country to build in a certain area. After this is the process of checking out the desired area, carrying out procedures to see if the earth in the area is sturdy enough for such a project, and of course, the space must also be considered. When purchasing land on which a hotel can be built, there are also many other abandoned buildings and small structures that comes with it. Some buildings need not be torn down; instead they can be converted to a part of the hotel.

Pre purchase building inspections need to be carried out before this step is taken, in order to ensure its suitability and safety for humans.Entrepreneurs must hire skilled architects and civil engineers for their expert opinions. Once the plan is drawn out, a construction company will have to be given the contract for this project. Resources will have to be made available, which includes funding as well as the building materials. After the long process, a structural inspection Perth will have to be carried out to make sure that the building is sturdy and strong and will not be prone to any disasters which are results of carelessness.The process of building a hotel will take years, especially if it is a massive one.