21 Feb

First Impression Matters: Tips To Make Your Office Look Inviting

Office revamping often focus only on devising the most effective environment possible to increase employee productivity. However, by doing so businesses often forget to invest in making the workplace look attractive and inviting to clients, prospective investors, clients and future employees. But does this layout make a positive first impression on clients, customers, investors and future employees? Can this setup build a solid, productive and long-lasting relationship? A poorly designed workplace can seriously damage the image the company tries to project. Consider these tips to make a lasting first impression.

Interactive conference room

Old plain boring white board lo longer make an interactive conference room. Convert a boring meeting room into an exceptional experience through technological advancements. An interactive white board, which connects a laptop or a smart phone to a projector, letting you to display info directly from your smart device. With an interactive white board, employees and clients can plug in their devices instantly and effectively present their ideas. The furniture greatly affect the outlook of the conference room. Invest in furniture to compliment the meeting room building design Parramatta.

Choose a bright color

People often underestimate the importance of color and how it affect moods. Incorporate bright colors to make your corporate office interior design more inviting. Small elements such as a red lame shade, a bright yellow sofa chair, a turquoise rug can add personality and dimension to your office.  The space will look radiant and more comfortable, while the extra vibrancy can inspire creativity.

Keep the office clean

A messy workspace not only disturb employees, but it can also be turning off visitors. A tidy office is a welcoming one, and it projects an atmosphere of productivity and organization. Avoid leaving loose papers flinging around, and make sure desks are kept neat and tidy. Store any files, documents or any other items that do not need your immediate consideration in a drawer or a cabinet.

Invest in unconventional furniture

Select furnishings that makes an immediate impression about your work. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of your meeting chairs and replace them with bean bags, couches or ottomans, but don’t shrug unconventional and creative options off. These unconventional options such as bean bags and lounge spaces can add a touch of creativity and fun while leaving your clients and business partners something to remember.  

Add a personal touch

Encourage employees to add a bit of their personal lives to their workspaces. Pictures of family and friends, a poster of a favorite movie, or a houseplant help in creating a fascinating office.