08 Dec

Taking Care Of The Blades In Machinery

If you are into a business in the manufacturing or industrial sector, then the chances are, you will be using a significant amount of machinery with blades and other sharp objects which will be used for cutting, sharpening or shaping purposes. The way you handle these equipment will have a significant impact on the quality of the end product. While these machines may seem to require minimal attention and care, it is not always so. And as always a bit of extra effort on your part will never go to waste. So when you handle those blades to produce your masterpieces, keep the following pointers in mind to ensure the maximum value for money.

Be genuine

The machinery in questions are not exactly simple in nature. Equipment such as chipper blades can be complex and large in size requiring various simultaneously functioning components. So when dealing with spare parts, though you may be tempted to cut a few corners and go for a cheaper alternative, try your best to stick to reputed and recommended spare parts. This is because the manufacturers have built the product with the want of specified qualities for its different components. A sub standard spare part may damage the entire machine while also increasing the risk of future malfunctions. While it will also affect the quality of the end product it may also affect warranty claims and other similar benefits.

Changing blades

You will need to change the blades once in a while. When needed to do so, always remember that it is not an easy task. Double check on the bolts and the relevant supporting structures when removing and fixing such blades. Furthermore make it a point to keep them sharp and fresh. Obtaining professional help in assisting you with these task may come in handy to prevent rookie mistakes. In addition, always be mindful of the relevant equipment such as gloves that you must wear in order to minimize risk when engaging in these activities.

Overall focus

Another frequent mistake made by many is assuming that changing blades is the be all and end all when maintaining these equipment. However it could prove to be a costly mistake in relation to equipment such as cutting sticks for guillotines. Other components such as anvils are also subject to general wear and tear albeit being more durable. So be mindful of the entire machine instead of only the obvious when thinking of maintenance and replacement.


Most of the machines we are talking about are subject to constant and strong vibrations during operations. This could also occur during transportation and outdoor usage. This may result in dislodging bolts, disfiguring the chassis and weaker weld seams. Therefore taking this effect into account will help foresee many potential malfunctions.