06 Nov

The History Of Online Shopping

Online shopping was not as popular as today back in the day. This is because people didn’t want to purchase online as they were afraid their credit card information would be stolen. They couldn’t trust the seller. This is a fair assumption because online shopping has just started an no one wants to take the risk of giving their information. Due to this people were likely to go to a store to purchase something rather than purchasing it online. Further, they did not yet understand the convenience of purchasing things online and getting it delivered right at your doorstep. Unlike today, sites such as Amazon and eBay weren’t established or non-existent at the time. forklift for hire melbourne

In the 1980s, Michael Aldrich created online shopping systems. These were available before the availability of the internet. These were installed by large corporations for transactions with other companies. This was known as e-business. It wasn’t really used by individuals but it was one of the first examples of online shopping systems. Online shopping begun growing in popularity since 1994. One of the first products on the internet were chocolates, wine and flowers. These were the categories that had first penetrated the online market. Most of these products were able to do well because these products needn’t be touched or felt to purchase. Further, there were very few online shoppers at the time. Unlike today, were there are millions of online shoppers worldwide. Despite these limitations online shopping continued to grow along with consumer confidence.

The late 1990s was a time where many websites were being created. Some of these were e-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. These were small websites that was made to cater to a niche. Similarly, the niche grew as well. Only a few things were offered in these websites first. Unlike today, where you could even get a forklifts for sale in Melbourne, the products were limited. As sales and revenue increased, they started adding more and more products and the websites grew larger.

As these companies grew, they expanded and started distributing products worldwide. To do this, they had to create warehouses, get a forklift for hire for each warehouse and create distribution networks. This made e-commerce companies some of the biggest in the world. With further growth and interest, they began offering other services such as warranties and after sale services. Today, there are thousands and thousands of e-commerce sites in the world. We not only have international sites, we also have sites that cater for their home countries to create easier distribution within the country. E-commerce is not only a lucrative business, it is also a highly competitive one as well. You can check out more information here http://www.triwestforklifts.com.au/services.aspx. 

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