02 Mar

How Can You Save Energy?

Are you someone who has always been passionate about saving the environment and you recycle all your products religiously and you are always researching new ways to reduce how much energy you use in your day to day life, simply because global warming and its consequences scare you? Or have you just moved into a new home and after you noticed that the temperature in every room seems to be so different compared to one another and after your bedroom gets hot less than five minutes after you have switched off your air conditioner, you are feeling confused and doing your research as to why this is happening?No matter what your story is, whether you are someone who is simply passionate about taking care of the world we live in, because we only have one world and you feel that even though you are just one person, it can make a difference, or similar to the second example, you are confused as to why you struggle so much to keep the temperature in your house even and comfortable throughout and none of your friends seem to have such a problem in their homes, there are many things we can do to save energy with things such as ceiling insulation installation. Read below to know many more ways as to how you can save energy.


The reason you are losing heat or the reason your space gets heated up very quickly may be due to a lack of insulation or it may even be due to poor insulation installation. Insulation helps you preserve heat so since heat travels from hot to cold, if you live in a warmer climate, this may be the reason as to why your room or your house gets hot within just a few minutes of switching off the air conditioner, it is because your house is not well insulated. 

Use natural cooling methods

Sometimes, even if you live in a place with warmer climate, the air is cool. So if you find that your room is getting increasingly hot but when you go for a walk outside, it is not half as warm, you can choose to have ceiling insulation installed so that the heat from the sun will not come into your room and you can then leave your windows open as this will bring in cool and fresh air and you do not need to waste energy by switching on an air conditioner every time you feel warm.

Do not leave your refrigerator open

Your refrigerator is one appliance in your home that needs to always be on and so it surely consumes the most energy. So to try and reduce the energy it consumes, you must make sure that every time you open it, after you have taken out everything you need, you must shut it well. It is also recommended that if you are trying to take things out when you are going to cook a meal, you take everything you need all at once and do not keep opening and closing the fridge for every single item. This is because every time it is opened and closed, energy is used to bring the temperature inside back up again.